March 24, 2017

Something happens, simple to the outside observer perhaps even of no real consequence, and it strikes a chord within me.  I panic.  Calm down, breathe, it can be handled.  I look at the task with a sense of anxiety and responsibility that crushes me like a tidal wave, “How did this happen?!”

“I took every precaution.” I sit there, baffled by my seeming ineptitude, then a word… somehow a simple word picks me up and carries me to a place where the solution sits waiting, like an old friend.  I set down, gently, next to the solution and realize my panic was only me.  A sense of calm comes over me, washing away those anxieties and I put my hands to work.  The solution always seems to be right there waiting on me to find it, I just have to stop and realize, my perception of this problem is what hides the solution.  If a word can pick me up, then what does my action do?

Moving swiftly now, this isn’t as hard as it seemed before.

-Christian Sanders


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