April 27, 2017

Waking life sometimes seems to be the longest part of being human, we all enjoy a good dream and wish for it to never end, but we must wake and live.  Today, I woke and fully embraced life.  I am prepared, sort of, for whatever this day holds, pain, joy, everything.  I often find myself lost in the simplest moment, wanting to just stay there, but something comes a tears me away – back to reality – and I relish in that last moment I found complete solace, then move on into the next moment always trying to proceed with open eyes, so that I don’t miss that next bit of perfection.  Slowing down is what I have to do in order to fully be present.  I get in such a rush to get to some next huge thing and sometimes pass up the small, simple, joys of life… not today.  My oldest son woke up today and smiled at me and said the most beautiful thing, “Dad, I really love you!”  That moment set a great tone for today!  How is anything else supposed to compare to that, why does anything else need to?  In each moment, in each day, find your joy… sometimes it catches you off-guard and makes you stop; sometimes it doesn’t catch up to you until you are a few miles into the day and then it makes you stop and appreciate how wonderful that “little” thing really was.  Don’t miss those moments, they happen more often than we will admit, but our tendency is to brush over them and keep moving.  Stop.  See them for what they are and have a wonderful day!  You are surrounded by infinite possibilities for something wonderful, don’t miss them by being too busy.

Christian Sanders


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