Moving Forward

May 26, 2017

I don’t often get to just stop, completely, and look at where I currently reside in my own life.  I try to, but often get stuck in some thought that comes rambling into my head about something I have done, haven’t done, or must get done soon.  Today though, today I did just stop.  I looked around, took a few deep breaths and just enjoyed where I am.  It was there, in that moment that I was able to see all the goodness and happiness that has flooded into my life over the last 6 months or so.  People with the most gentle and wonderful hearts coming into my life and showing me that there is always more adventure to be had.  My children commenting on how much they want me to be happy and how happy they are, even if it is hard right now.  My family coming together to lift each other up as we wade through this heartache.  There is so much good flowing into my life that I almost don’t know what to do with it.  It seemed that goodness was something for others to have and to enjoy, as I watched from the sidelines hoping to someday have my own small taste of that goodness.  Not anymore.  Life is good, happiness is here and I’m not looking to the past for ways to correct my future.  I am moving forward into this new life filled with this happiness and I’m embracing it with all my heart!  Not everyday can and will be great, but when the great days happen they seem to spill over into the days following them… even if it is only for a little while at a time.  I am overwhelmingly happy today and I hope that all of you find happiness as well!

-Christian Sanders


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