June 8, 2017

As we grow it feels like we fall away into our own melodious discord. Life comes full speed into our view and we get blinded to the paths that all others take, blinded by the seeming brightness of our own path. They always seem to cross again in either a place of sadness or by some strange coincidence. We get little interjections from our familiar past. Little interactions from old friends, or family that have fallen away into their own “grown-up” lives. But no matter the distance that we travel down our own paths, no matter what those paths bring into our view around their next turn, when we see these long lost friends on our own journey, it’s like stopping at a little diner on the side of the path and enjoying simple moments with familiar friends. Sometimes we just pick up where we left off, remembering the great and bad times we had together and sometimes we wander together into a possible future of doing more together again. Sometimes we just sit in silence across from these friends and enjoy their bright presence in our life, even if it is only a momentary stop along our way. The ones that mattered the most, still matter but their paths only cross ours for fleeting moments, reminding us that the past, present and future can still hold wonderful surprises… even when those surprises are just a visit from an old friend. I read a small quote years ago and have tried hard to live by it:

Never part without loving words, for we know not

when we will meet again in life.

While I don’t remember who wrote it, it struck a chord deep within me and made me think about what I do and say before I ever leave the presence of a friend or family member. And so, I do my best to make sure that all of the people I encounter along my path feel love emanating from me, both when we meet and when we part. Enjoy your path, nobody has the same one as you!

-Christian Sanders



June 12, 2017

I wrote this yesterday afternoon and will most likely be ridiculed by some for its content, but honestly… I don’t care. ¬† Unfollow me, Unfriend me, I don’t care. ¬†This is the conclusion I’ve come to.

Hatred… why? What gain is to come from hating someone? What benefit does it have on you or me? Is there a benefit?
Recently, I have been made keenly aware of hatred as a group, as an individual, as a human. It’s pretty easy to just sidestep the places where hatred seems to be the most prominent, pride celebrations, political rallys, walmart… but really it’s visible everywhere now. Being as connected as we are hatred is blasted into our eyes and permeates our lives on an almost minute to minute basis. Some radical group spouting its distaste for a group of LGBT activists gathered together in a peaceful meeting, another religious group condemning some other religious group because of the actions of their minority and even down to the level of a person losing their best friends of years and years, because they finally realized that they are gay and their friends can’t accept them and hate them for this awakening to who they are. I’m tired of hatred! I’m tired of the backwards, hate-filled animosity for those we don’t understand or agree with, what a waste of energy. If it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown and smiles can symbolize love, then what effect is had on our spirits if we hate, instead of love? Is hatred the equivalent of a spiritual frown? It’s so exhausting. I’m not an idiot, I fully understand that one person writing a small blog post about something as big as hatred is not going to suddenly be the thing that awakens people to the terrible nature of their hatred… of our hatred, but maybe one person will have their eyes opened and that’s worth it. A person that I love, dearly, was exposed first hand to this hatred and I could see how it affected her, how it hurt her to realize that people wanted to hurt her just for who she is. I have another person that came out and lost many people, almost an entire family, that were a huge part of their life. It just makes me sad that people, who most likely will never even be affected by these decisions and parts of others that they have decided to accept and acknowledge, can be so hateful, so callous, so unloving. Love is the only cure for hatred, embrace that, accept that and accept these people for the wonderful humans they are.

Christian Sanders