August 3, 2017

I thought about this the other day and have now refined the thought enough to perhaps write something cohesive, so here I go…

I sat in my car watching the wind blow a giant oak tree this way and that and I couldn’t help but think of the the saying, “You aren’t a tree.  If you don’t like where you are, get up and move.”  But, I think that I have to be like a tree, not in the sense that I am firmly planted in the woes of my life, but that I can bend and sway along with whatever storm comes my way.  Sure, there are large trees that snap and splinter when storms get too big, but they only break in the places they are supposed to break, in essence, casting off the parts that keep them from being able to bend as they need to.  With each break, new life springs forward from where the old broken off branch once was, making the tree lighter for the next storm.  My life rages with storms, they bend and sway me, but I have yet to be completely uprooted and destroyed by these storms.  I have learned that I have to move with the troubles that come and go, the winds that blow through my “branches” and try to break me down, yet… here I am.  Still standing and ready to face the next storm.

It’s just a thought, but one that I quite enjoyed pondering for a few days.

-Christian Sanders


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